FRIENDS graduation! This are the important steps of your life and when you are going through these steps, one surely does need friends, without friends there is no fun! Friends do play a vital role in one’s lifetime, friends are the one with whom you are going to spend your most of the time. There are plus point about friends but at the same time there are negative points too. We start with positive/plus points first. If one chooses a right type of friends circle , he/she may have find growth in their self esteem and communication skills, those friends help each other in one’s hardtime or in his/her bad times, they dont back out instead they stand there and fight against that problem with them and make a way out of it!

whereas there is a opposite side to this that is negative points , if one chooses a wrong group of friends i.e. the circle of friends that is indulged in wrong things such as smoking and stealing, roaming out late nights, not respecting their parents. If one is indulged in this type of friends circle he/she ends up being one of them and at the end its loss for all of them. Thus just a short message that choose your friends wisely, friends that help you in rising and not those who pull your leg as they want to climb up faster then you!

-vinit kapupara


Nature ! Nature is a god gift as we all know and we all do adore the beauty of our nature the beauty that god created. Nature is also home for all types of animals and birds. We love to see nature, the waterfall, big trees, flowers and everything else ! But now for us development of our nation is much more important, for development of out nation we build big big factories, industries and for all that what we destroy is nature. Nature being home for many animals and birds are homeless now, why? Because we want out nation to develop and be best round the globe!
This all indirectly is leading to Global warming this change in weather, rains in month of september is not usual this all are results of global warming or you can say results of plain with our nature ! Development of our Nation is must but not at cost of nature, we must conserve our nature and enjoy the beauty of it and and let it b home for animals and birds. Save nature Save earth !!

What is Mass Media ?

Mass Media. The most important thing in mass media is communication. By communication, i mean when people share or talk about some common idea, thinking about that common topic! Without communication there is no mass media. Other things that matter in mass media are your social power, history and political knowledge, literature and your reading and understanding skills. Mass Media gives you a platform to explore yourself, to know your inner talent/ability and to you see your own creative side! It gives you a wide scope of various occupations, from mass media one can go for directing, script writing, acting or let us say film industry, advertising and journalism. If we go in detail of journalism and advertising we’ll get to know many other occupation one can choose as per his/her talent. Lets start with journalism, journalism provides you to show your talent in writing, reading, analyzing, copy-writing, script writing and so on. While in advertising one gets to show their creativity and to show how you think out of the box.
This field gives you opportunity in directing, acting, media planning, script writing, narration, brand building and many more.No matter, if its journalism or advertising, you have to be creative and your thinking ability should be different from ordinary people.
-vinit kapupara